Hot steppe climates (BSh)

Hot steppe climates


Hot semi-arid climates (type “BSh”) tend to be located in the tropics and subtropics. These climates tend to have hot, sometimes extremely hot, summers and mild to warm winters. Snow rarely (if ever) falls in these regions. Hot semi-arid climates are most commonly found around the fringes of subtropical deserts. The most common variant of a hot semi-arid climate, found in regions such as West Africa, India, parts of Mexico and bordering areas in Texas, parts of Southern California, and small parts of Pakistan experiences the seasonal effects of monsoons and has a short but well-defined wet season, but is not sufficiently wet overall to qualify as a tropical savanna climate. In Australia, a large portion of the Outback surrounding the central desert regions, lies within the hot semi-arid climate regime. Hot semi-arid climates can also be found in sections of South America such as the sertão and on the poleward side of the arid deserts where they typically feature a Mediterranean precipitation pattern, with generally rainless summers and wetter winters.(Source: Wikipedia)

Below is a list of countries in which there is an area with this climate:

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