Millet, proso

 Panicum miliaceum (Kannada:ಬರಗು), with many common names including proso millet,[2] broomcorn millet,[3] common millet,[2] broomtail millet,[4] hog millet,[2] red millet,[2] and white millet,[2] is a grass species used as a crop. Both the wild ancestor and location of the original domestication of proso millet are unknown, but it first appears as a crop in both Transcaucasia and China about 7,000 years ago, suggesting it may have been domesticated independently in each area.

proso milletProso millet is a relatively low-demanding crop and diseases are not known; consequently, proso millet is often used in organic farming systems in Europe. In the United States it is often used as an intercrop. Thus, proso millet can help to avoid a summer fallow, and continuous crop rotation can be achieved. Its superficial root system and its resistance to atrazine residue make proso millet a good intercrop between two water- and pesticide-demanding crops. (Source: Wikipedia)

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