tefEragrostis tef, teff, Williams lovegrass, annual bunch grass, taf (Amharic: ጤፍ? ṭēff; Tigrinya: ጣፍ? ṭaff), or xaafii (Oromo), is an annual grass, a species of lovegrass native to Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Teff has been widely cultivated and used in Ethiopia and neighborhood countries. Teff accounts for about a quarter of total cereal production in Ethiopia.[9] Teff is gluten-free (and therefore can be consumed by people suffering of gluten-related disorders) and has a high concentration of different nutrients, a very high calcium content, and significant levels of the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, boron and barium, and also of thiamin.[10] Teff is high in protein. (Source: Wikipedia)

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