BergamotCitrus bergamia, the bergamot orange (pronounced, standard English: /ˈbɜːɡəˌmɒt/ or GenAm: /ˈbɝɡəˌmɑt/) is a fragrant fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow color similar to a lemon.Genetic research into the ancestral origins of extant citrus cultivars found bergamot orange to be a probable hybrid of Citrus limetta and Citrus aurantium. It is inedible, but extracts have been used to scent food, perfumes, and cosmetics. Use on the skin can increase photosensitivity, resulting in greater damage from sun exposure; excessive consumption can be toxic.

Citrus bergamia is a small tree that blossoms during the winter. The fruit is not edible. The juice tastes less sour than lemon, but more bitter than grapefruit. (Source: Wikipedia)

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