How does this site works

 This page explains how this site works. There are basically two things that members do. These are:

  • Search for information
  • Post information

 Search for information (member and guest)

The purpose of this website is to make information on growing crops available from different access points. As a member or guest, you can search based on one or a combination of these access points. These access points are:

  • Crops
  • Intercrops
  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Country

There are two ways to access the information based on this. These are:

  • Search based on the combination from the advanced search
  • Go through the menu options to reach the specific area


When selecting in the advanced search the tropics and carrots as shown below you will find only posts that are about carrots and about the tropics. Thus, probably you will find posts of experiences of people growing carrots in the tropics.

search carrots in the tropics
Based on this search you will find posts such as the below one:

carrots in the tropics post


The other way is to navigate through the menu. For example, you start with the menu Crops:

crops menu

 Post information