Introduction to CombiCulture

Dear environmental conscious friend,

Thank you for your interest in CombiCulture. This page will explain the following topics:

  1. Sign up as a member
  2. Login as a member
  3. Create a posting
  4. Edit a post

Sign up as a member

As shown in the image below, you first need to go to the LOGIN menu from where you can register.  Alternatively click Register here.

On the login page, click the register link as shown below.

Once you are on the Register page as shown below, enter a username and email address and click the Register button. (If the username is already used by someone else you will get a message and you will have to enter a different name.)

Next, you will receive an email as shown below. From this email click the second URL (blue text). This will open another window.

In the below screen, you have to enter your password. This screen will be shown once you have clicked the URL in your email. The password have to be strong password.

After you enter a password and click the Reset Password button, the following screen will be shown.

On this screen you can click the Log in hyperlink to go back to the login page as shown below.

Login as a member

From the main menu, choose Login and enter username and password and click  Log in.

Create a posting

This chapter explains how to make a posting in CombiCulture. Even though it is easy and similar to other websites, to contribute the best, it is important to fill in as much information as possible in the drop down field at the bottom of the screen. This and the basic posting is explained below.

To create a post click the Create post  as shown in the below screen.

Once you click on the Create Post the following screen will be shown. The marked areas will be explained below.


The title will be shown in all lists, so it is important to have good title.


Next, enter the actual text that you want to share. And with the Add media button, add some pictures if you have. This would make it nicer and more imaginable for the reader.

For sure, you could also link some Youtube videos.


This area is very important and each of them will be explained separately. The idea is that the better you will fill this in the more easy your story can be found by the reader. For example, if you link your story to the soil “Clay” then people who are interested in growing things in clay (as their area is clay) can easily find it. Below is the image of all classifications.


Currently there are 4 values that you can select:

  • Composting
  • General
  • Harvesting
  • Propagating

If your story matches one of these, please select. Also if you would like to have another category, please let us know.

Post crop

This contains all the crops currently in the system. For sure the list is not complete. Let us know if a crop is missing. We will add it and will create a starting page for it. Also let us know a little about the crop so we can add this to the main page and group the crop in the correct area on the crops page and the cereals page.

Post climate

The list of climates is based on Köppen climate classification. If you want to know in which climate you live, have a look at the climate page and each of the individual climate pages such as the Tropical rainforest climate page.

Post soils

Select here the soil that you are growing things on. For more explanation look at the soil page.

Post companion

Best is to explain the “companion” drop down with an example. For example, the story is about tomatoes. How good they are growing etc.. But you grow tomatoes together with Carrots. And you think this is important for the success of the tomatoes. In that case, you select the Carrot as a companion.

The result is that people who are growing carrots and wonder what will grow well with Carrots can search for postings that have as a companion crop the carrot. They will find your story on tomatoes and thus will start growing tomatoes.

Post other

The other drop down is linked to the “Other” main menu option. Later we might incorporate this into the main structure of the website. Currently there are 4 values:

  • Books
  • Livestock
  • Tools
  • Water management

If there is any other option you would like to have here, please let us know.

Post country

This contains a list of all countries. When you enter the country where the story is then other people can find this. They can for example find stories in the same country as they are living. Though not all countries have a country page. If the country doesn’t have a country page please let us know.


Please fill in here the altitude (in steps of 10 meter). Sorry it is not in foot. Some crops can only grow in certain altitudes. Later, we will extend the advanced search with the option to search based on altitude range.


Fill in if your crop story is about a crop growing in the sun, shade or half sun shade. Also for this, we expect to have an advanced search later.

pH value

Please select here the pH value of the soil. Later we will have a search function for this as well.


In this field you can enter the name of the variety of the crop. Later we want to add this to the structure of the system but for now, it is just a text field. Also for this we will add a search function.


Next is the comments checkbox. Best is to check this so that people can give feedback.

Post button

Finally, once you are ready, you click the post button to post the story.

Edit a post

It can be that you had a look on the actual post and want to for example correct or update something. For this go through the following steps:

Go from the My profile menu to Blogs as shown in the below image.

Next you will see the following screen that includes the post you want to edit.

Below the post you see the  Edit option. Click this and you will open the post. Now you can make your changes. The interface is now the same as when you created a new post. Once you are finished updating the post, click the Post button.