Peter Le Grand

New coffee plants

Posted on April 5, 2016


About 2 month ago, we thought I would use some of the coffee beans that we got from the land to grow new coffee trees. So I asked my neighbors who grow a lot of coffee how to do that. They said, just put them in sand (not soil). So I did.

and, I forgot about them.

But this morning I had a look and to my surprise they are there. I have about 2 trays of them. I counted and there are about 30 small trees.

So went back to the neighbors and asked what’s next.

They told me to wait until they have 4 leaves each and then put them in a bigger pot separately.

Just for your information, I am growing them in the orchid area which has a net above it which brings some shade. Also in this area we have a sprinkler installed, though it is not on a timer so we actually don’t turn it on that often. Further, at the moment it is the dry season.