Growing heritage sweet corn in Southern Victoria, Australia

Posted on March 23, 2016

There are so many varieties of sweet corn that it is a shame not to try one in your garden each year. Here in Southern Victoria we have a good climate for growing corn and some of the older varieties will germinate in cooler soil so you needn’t think you can’t give it a go.


The sweetcorn variety I grow each year is ‘Anasazi’ coloured sweetcorn. Not only does it look amazing with many colours but it is delicious also. It does not need a lot of fertiliser and is tough enough to grow in most soils. Mine is grown in poor sand with a minimum of fertiliser and it still produces well. make sure you plant it in block at least three rows wide to allow for good pollination, as corn is wind pollinated. If you grow it in a single row you may get partially empty ears.

It will need watering in dry summers but corn will tolerate some dryness.

I plant the seed at the start of November and am harvesting through Feb/March. Unlike some varieties of coloured corn, you should not pick Anasazi until the colours are fully out but before the kernels begin to wrinkle. Also unlike some other sweetcorns, Anasazi will stay sweet and juicy for at least a week after picking so you don’t have to pick and eat it on the same day.

Sweetcorn is usually picked immature and boiled or steamed till soft then served hot with a knob of butter but it can also be eaten raw straight off the cob, or grilled. Some people even boil it in heavily sweetened water or syrup and served as a snack.

Many people who choose a heritage variety if sweetcorn grow ‘Golden Bantam’ which is a yellow variety but don’t be afraid to try some of the other colours or multi-coloured types for a change.